Our volunteer search dog/handler teams are available to law enforcement and emergency services agencies in western North Carolina to aid in the search, rescue, or recovery of lost or missing persons. All teams are qualified in K9 tracking, area search, and/or human remains detection, working in day and night operations in wilderness, rural, and residential environments, and in all weather conditions in which it is safe to operate. Typical searches have included lost, injured, or overdue hikers, hunters, Alzheimer's patients and wanderers, missing children, drownings, despondents, and law enforcement investigations. In the last twenty-two years, Linville-Central K9 teams have worked searches in 41 counties in 5 states. LCRS K9 Policies, Procedures, and Standards for Operational Dog Teams are equivalent to most recognized national K9 standards. Our handlers come from all walks of life, including law enforcement, professional fire fighting, EMS, forestry, nursing, business, animal rescue, and law. Linville-Central currently has eight operational dog teams on its roster.