Search and Rescue Dog Task Group
The Search and Rescue Dog Task Group provides volunteer search dog/handler teams to law enforcement, fire, rescue, and emergency management agencies throughout North Carolina to aid in the search, rescue, or recovery of lost or missing persons. All teams are certified in K9 tracking, air scent, area search, and/or cadaver detection, working in day and night operations in wilderness, mountain, rural, and residential environments, and in all weather conditions in which it is safe for teams to operate. Team leaders are experienced in planning and coordinating search dog operations in small and large-scale multi-jurisdictional search, rescue, and recovery operations. Typical searches have included lost, injured, or overdue hikers, hunters, Alzheimer's patients and wanderers, missing children, drownings, despondents, and law enforcement investigations. LCRS K9 Policies, Procedures, and Standards for Operational Dog Teams are compliant with most recognized national K9 standards. Linville-Central currently has seven operational dog teams on its roster.

Search Dog Task Group Documents and Readings

For the Search Manager: Recommendations for Preplanning and Utilization of Search Dog Resources, click here

For the Searcher: Working Effectively on a Search Dog Crew, click here, (integrating search dog teams with ground crews).

If you would like information about joining the Search Dog Task Group, please write to the webmaster from the Contact Us page .  

For squad policies and procedures for operational dog teams, K9 evaluation forms, and other internal documents, please login to the members' section of this website.








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