Our roster includes volunteer EMTs, paramedics, rescue technicians, high-angle rope technicians, search dog handlers, rescue divers,  other first responders, and lots of caring individuals.

Officers: President, Jim Taylor      Additonal Directors:  Joe Weld
  Vice President, Larry (Cub) Cuthbertson      Steve Miller  
  Secretary, Shelley Calloway      
  Treasurer, Ken Sudderth      
Operational Officers and Staff:      Search and Rescue K9s:  
  Chief, Bob Garland     Rocky
  Assistant Chief for Administration, Rob Calloway     Finch
  Assistant Chief for Operations, Josh Henson     Zeva
  Training Officer, Kyle Kitchens     Jet
  Equipment Officer, Martin Winte     Bandit
  Task Group Leaders:   Richard Schaffer, K9 Group     Zee
  Liaison to Avery EMS, Susan Hawkins      
  Medical Liaison, Avery Schaffer      
  Delegate to Avery Firefighters Assn., Derick Calloway      
  Webmaster,  Richard Schaffer      
  Office Manager,  Carolyn Garland      
  Assistant to the Secretary, Maggie Shadoin      





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Linville Central Rescue Squad, Inc.
1940 Linville Falls Hwy., Linville, NC
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 716, Newland, NC 28657
Office Telephone: 828.733.2346
Fax: 828.733.6736