About Us

Linville-Central is a private, all-volunteer, non-profit rescue squad serving all of Avery County, North Carolina, since 1968. We're a close-knit family of state certified rescue technicians, EMTs, paramedics, and caring people devoted to delivering quality, effective, and free rescue services to our community on a volunteer basis. Typical calls are for motor vehicle collisions, farm and work-related accidents, and medical emergencies. We respond to emergency medical calls as first responders, and to assist Avery County EMS, provide backup ambulance service for the county, and provide rescue assistance to fire departments in their functions. When requested, we also provide medical standby at public events, from large scale events such as the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games to smaller school athletic events. We do our share of mountain rescues, considering that our county includes parts of the Blue Ridge Parkway National Park, Grandfather Mountain State Park, the Appalachian Trail, and the Wilson Creek Scenic and Natural River Area. We also are experienced in searches for lost and missing persons, including lost hikers, hunters, Alzheimer's patients and wanderers, despondents, and others in need. Please consider helping us as we aid others in our mountain community.







Linville Central Rescue Squad, Inc.

1940 Linville Falls Hwy., Linville, NC
Mailing: P.O. Box 716, Newland, NC 28657
Office Telephone: 828.733.2346
Fax: 828.733.6736

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